How Does it Work

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Services We Cover

  • Flat Tire
  • Car Wash
  • Oil change
  • Regular Service
  • Special service
  • Towing


Searching, calling, getting estimates for your car care, is all manual and time consuming.


We bring multiple estimates for single service right in your vicinity to choose from.

Based on your phone's geo-location:

  • ULAFIX will find car care providers in the area
  • ALL providers send you estimates.
  • Choose the best one you like
  • DRIVE DOWN straight on scheduled time

ULAFIX offers automobile owners the convenience and choice to select the best service provider in their area. On the other hand, it offers automobile service providers a platform to win over client's business through bidding.Bridging the gap between automobile owners & service providers, ULAFIX is set to revolutionize the automobile service industry in USA.

Fully Automated Vehicle care services - "Watch Video"

  • Login
  • Submit your request
  • Compare bids from Service stations
  • Discuss or negotiate
  • Pick the best bid you like
  • Communicate until done